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Book a moving company - These 9 points you need to know

"There are many removal companies, but not every one is good. We'll tell you what you need to watch out for."

1. obtain comparative offers

If you would like to hire a removal company for your move, it is advantageous to obtain offers from several removal companies. If you have not already done so, then you can do so conveniently at

After receiving the offers, it is advisable to compare the offers exactly and also to obtain further information about the removal companies. If you request the offers through, you have the possibility to view the ratings of the previous customers. Please also pay attention to the size of the move you are evaluating. There are moving companies that carry out smaller removals very well and cheaply, but do not have the suitable material and experience for larger removals. Conversely, there are also companies that carry out larger removals at a fair price and very well, but are relatively expensive for small removals.

2. compare offers

ATTENTION: Time and again, offers from removal companies are calculated completely incorrectly. As a rule of thumb one can say that a good removal company visits an apartment from a size of approx. 4 rooms in advance in order to be able to provide an exact offer. Some removal companies, however, also deliberately try to come with too low time estimates to orders in hourly wages, which are then billed in full.

The comparison of the offers often turns out to be more difficult than expected. There are flat-rate offers, offers with hourly billing with or without cost ceiling. What is the best offer now and what should one pay attention to?questions of moving companies

  1. Package deals

    Flat-rate offers include a fixed, guaranteed price from the bridle company for the entire move. In most cases these are calculated somewhat generously, but offer the customer the advantage that the final price is not at all dependent on the relocation process. If the move goes very well, then it's a good deal for the moving company, if the move goes less well, it's a great security for the customer. Since the offer of a package price represents a certain risk for the removal company, one must not be annoyed as a customer, however, about it, if the removal finally much more efficiently than expected over the stage goes. To demand a price reduction would not be fair to the removal company, after all, the latter has also borne the risk and would have had to pay for it in the opposite case. Particularly in the case of package deals, there are also agreements on the preparations, which you must strictly adhere to, as a contract is always based on reciprocity. Otherwise it is possible that the relocation company will not be able to keep the flat rate.

  2. Hourly billing with cost ceiling

    In the case of offers for hourly wages, a cost ceiling should ALWAYS be demanded. This means that if the moving company estimates 5-6 hours of work, you are guaranteed a cost ceiling of 8 hours, for example. In this case, you will be charged a maximum of 8 hours for the move, even if it takes longer. Of course you have to keep in mind that the moving company is only obliged to keep the cost ceiling if you have kept the agreements according to the offer. If suddenly much more comes along than agreed in the offer, the cost ceiling is of course invalid.

  3. Hourly billing without cost ceiling

    With an offer of hourly wages without cost ceiling, you are completely at the mercy of the ability and motivation of the movers. You should not take this unnecessary risk under any circumstances.

3. additional costs & small print

conditions of moving companies
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Each offer should be examined carefully for small print and any additional costs. There are various costs, which dubious and partly also respectable companies try to hide in the small print. You should therefore pay particular attention to the following points:

  1. Mehrwertsteuer

    Is the price stated in the offer excl. or incl. VAT? If not declared at all, please ask. In such a case, it is advisable to take a very close look at an offer, as it is quite possible that other points have not been sufficiently declared.
  2. Insurance

    Does the insurance cost extra? Is a deductible deducted from the customer in the event of damage? Are certain damages excluded from the insurance?
  3. Heavy cargo

    Do heavy objects cost extra? e.g. piano, grand piano, safe, large plants.
  4. Furniture lift

    If a furniture lift is required, are the costs clearly stated?
  5. Clauses at place of unloading

    Are there not yet clearly identified costs at the unloading location? e.g. for a long carrying distance or a high floor?
  6. Minimum for hourly wage

    In the case of small removals, it should also be taken into account whether there is a minimum, how many hours at least are charged.
  7. Approach-Surcharges

    Are there any surcharges for arrival or return?
  8. Start of billing for hourly accounting

    In the case of hourly wage offers: when does the calculation start? Is the journey to and from the location carried by the removal company?

4. What are possible differences between removal companies?

  1. 1. Do you hire the removal men permanently or only temporarily, perhaps even only temporary workers with no experience? This affects every aspect of the move (care, speed, damage, etc.).removals Bus
  2. Does the company employ experienced, permanent team leaders? The team leader usually has a very large influence on the move, if it has little or no experience, this will have an effect. The bigger the move, the more important is the coordination and therefore the ability of the team leader.
  3. Does the moving company have panel vans with flat side walls or do you have vans in bus form? When loading the vehicle, this has a considerable effect on the amount of time required. If, for example, cabinet parts can be placed on the floor instead of fixed to the walls, this is unfavorable for further loading of the goods.
  4. Do the movers who work effectively for you on the day of the move speak your language? Language misunderstandings can be very unpleasant and time-consuming.
  5. 5. The equipment of removal companies is very different. Sufficient and good blankets to protect the furniture, carrying straps for heavy objects, furniture lift, sack trucks and trolleys, packaging material. By no means every removal company is optimally equipped.
  6. For big moves: Does the removal company have a truck with a payload of 3.5t? If not, it is hardly possible to carry out larger removals without overloading.moving truck

5. The company for your needs

You should also hire the company for your move that best suits your needs. There are different quality levels of moving companies, which always affects the price. One cannot say that this or that company is best suited for all customers. The question of which moving company suits you best also has a lot to do with the value of your furniture, your personal quality expectations and the size of the move. If you have a high quality facility, it is not advisable to hire the cheapest removal company. It is the same in every area of life: quality has its price.

6. Checklist for the selection of the removal company

You should consider the following things when hiring a removal company: removal checklist

  1. Is the moving company registered in the commercial register? Simple check:
  2. Does the company have transport insurance? What are the conditions according to the offer?
  3. What have previous customers experienced with the company?
  4. Does the company have permanent movers or only temporary workers?
  5. Does the company fit my needs?
  6. Does the company have the appropriate material for my situation? (vehicle fleet / truck, furniture lift, clear belts, etc.)

And last but not least: trust your gut feeling. If you have a bad feeling about a company, but it is cheaper than the other one (Fr. 300), then you better pay the extra price. It'll be worth it. Most of the time it will even be cheaper in the end!

7. Decision

If you have now decided on a relocation company, we recommend that you read through the relevant offer GENAU again before placing an order. If you have compared several offers, it is very possible that you have a detail of the offer wrong in your head. If sent along, also read the terms and conditions carefully, check if there are any additional costs. If everything is still fine, then confirm the order to the removal company and have the order reconfirmed in writing with the order date and time.

8. Control and payment

With removal companies it is to a large extent usual that one pays the removal right at the end in cash. Most removal companies, however, also give you the option of paying by invoice if you ask in advance. If you do not want to pay cash because you are unpleasantcash-paying of moving companyto carry so much money with you on the day of your move, it is advisable to draw the company's attention to this before signing the contract. If you make this a condition, most removal companies will agree to it, as it is rare for a company to lose an order because of this detail.

ATTENTION: DO NOT make an advance payment before the move has taken place. A renowned company will never demand this either. So if only such an inquiry comes, you should consider a possible conclusion of a contract again well (Our recommendation: fingers away from such a company!).

9. Conflict with the removal company

If a number of things go wrong during the move, e.g. a lot of damage occurs or the removal company suddenly charges a different price for the move than agreed and you do not agree, then you will never pay this directly on the day of the move. For example, pay half or the agreed amount and record everything in writing on the receipt with the removal company. conflict with a moving companySo you can sleep in peace about it and discuss later again what kind of solution can be found. In such cases it is often advisable to speak directly with the head of the moving company, as he is usually also most interested in the company's reputation. However, if you have already paid the unagreed portion, it is often almost impossible to find an amicable solution. In the case of minor damage, a discount can usually be negotiated with the bridle company at the time of settlement, which is usually the best solution for both parties. So both parties have no more effort and it is done for both. However, this is only recommended for minor damage up to CHF 200. Do not let the removal team threaten you, call the police immediately and inform us about the company concerned so that we can exclude you from our portal (We are of course also happy about such reports if you have not engaged the removal company via our portal, so that we can put such a company on the exclusion list in advance).

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