About top-offerten.ch

We are the independent comparison service for requesting removal quotes for your relocation. Earlier in my career, I, Philipp founded a relocation and cleaning company as part of a social project. At that time, there was a similar comparison portal in Germany who approached up to 15 removal companies to quote for a relocation. This volume of requests is a tedious undertaking both for the end customer and the removal companies. In 2007, we created the Swiss equivalent - top-offerten.ch. We programmed the web site with the end customer in mind, yet also considering the removal companies. We have succeeded in made it quick and easy to get accurate and relevant quotes and as of January 2017 we have facilitated over 121 000 enquiries.

Our Company Philosophy

Our customers and our partners are the priority of our business. We strive to offer the best service possible to our customers and to add value to the removals business. We distance ourselves from all unfair and price-fixing practices, which unfortunately are not uncommon in facilitation portals. Our aim is to generate value with our service and ensure all parties have a successful, stress less relocation. We view this strategy as the one that brings success. As one of the leading relocation portals, the fact that we are gaining market share speaks for itself.

What Value do we add? For the customer, quick and simple quotes from removal companies in your region, that can be evaluated and compared with reviews from previous customers. This saves time and effort in looking for local removals companies, contacting them, getting quotes etc. You also have at your disposal the review portal where you can read what other customers have said about all the removal companies who have provided you with quotes. In this way, we reward companies who have done an excellent job in the past for customers in your position, who were satisfied with the service they received. For the removal companies, they also have the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors by service criteria and not just price.

We aim to run a lean operation, keeping our costs low. This enables us to offer our partner removal companies competitive prices, therefore many of our partner companies have been with us since our launch. We are pleased that as a start-up we have established a value add to the market. We have managed to achieved this with only 2.4 full time equivalent positions. We design, build and develop all our technology solutions internally. This includes customer service, marketing and administration.


Philipp Etter


Andreas Berger